84 degrees

A lot of people, especially in our region, don’t like running in the warm weather.

Quite frankly, we’re used to colder climes, and when the thermometer rises and the relative humidity stretches our comfort zone, it’s difficult to want to get outdoors and move.  And while it’s not always comfortable, I love running in the heat.

So the past few weeks have been ideal for running.

Last night was no exception.

After a long day, and a late return home, I made it a point to head out for a run. Within a few minutes of hitting the pavement, the bank sign was a bit of a surprise: 84 degrees. At 8:43 p.m. A little toasty, but still worth the extra sweat and effort to head out for a run.

And I’m looking forward to doing the same again tonight.

The big question for me is whether to sign up for a Fourth of July event. There’s several races in the region, and it’s guaranteed to be warm. Sounds like a great way to kick off Independence Day.

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