A medical mystery

The long awaited call from Riley’s vet, with blood test results from a specialty lab in the Twin Cities, finally came late Tuesday.

The conclusion?

In a nutshell, the experts don’t know what caused the elevated calcium levels in his blood, the marker levels indicating a cancer diagnosis or why things now appear to be near normal. They’ve ruled out a parathyroid tumor, and most assuredly cancer, and there appears to be no medical rationale.

My earlier guess – stress induced by separation anxiety while the move to Grand Forks is in progress – hasn’t been ruled out. There’s a chance that Riley’s dog food may have caused problems, although he’s been on the same high quality food for years.

In short, I’m just happy the pooch is close to normal. He seems to be doing fine, and when the weather cools done a bit he’ll be back logging some miles with me (although now I know he has some arthritis so we’ll take it easy while he’s along). He’ll get to have fun playing in the lake this summer and frolicking along the greenway with me in Grand Forks.

Other news worth noting, outside of some terrific performances last weekend at Grandma’s Marathon, is the heavy slate of races coming up, particularly next Thursday as many communities celebrate the Fourth of July. If you’re looking for a fun run, check out the listing on my blog here. Also, the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon is starting to see quite a few people register for the October races.

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