Circle of life

Lately I’ve pondered the circle of life quite a bit.

Facing changes, both professional and personal, has led to waves of emotions: new beginnings and goodbyes, mixing the familiarity of tradition with the uncertainty of the future, opportunities and challenges.

On Wednesday morning, Riley climbed into the truck for another visit to the veterinarian’s office, where additional testing would be completed to diagnose health problems.

The anxiety and helpless feeling of the previous 4 days left me trying to come to terms with the natural circles of life: life, death, joy, sadness, rebirth and reality. While inevitable, there’s a finality to all of it that is hard to accept.

Within a few hours, I felt a slight, if temporary, reprieve. The doctor’s call, after she reviewed some radiology scans, brought a small glimmer of hope as the the tests weren’t conclusive. For now, that means the veterinarian can’t confirm her diagnosis. It means I’ll wait for additional test results to determine whether anything can be done to help him.

By Wednesday evening, I had determined to break away for an 8-mile run in the rain. It gave me time to reflect on changes and the circle of life, and cherish the kind words of others who have sent me a note to wish Riley well in this time of uncertainty.

One thought on “Circle of life

  1. Enjoy your canine running partner while you can. Last year my dog finally became too old to run with me. And while she will still show enthusiasm when I put on my running shoes her companionship generally ends with the driveway before she returns to her resting spot. Like Riley she still has the personality of a two year old but her energy has started to be more like the older dog that she is. It has been a hard transition for me to lose my favorite companion for country runs. I have always enjoyed your stories that include Riley.

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