Always a puppy

As I quickly readied for an early morning run Tuesday morning with Tim, it didn’t take long for Riley to show me why he’s always been a terrific running partner. He’s always willing and ready to go.

Since he hasn’t been doing well, I planned to give him the day off from running, and instead take him to doggy day care, where he can socialize and play with other canines. But he insisted that he, too, would go for a run.

He gets excited when I start putting on shoes, and stands next to the door. There he whines and patters his paws on the floor. I couldn’t resist letting him out. He peeked through the fence to see Tim waiting in the street. This just gets him more excited and when I opened the gate, he sprinted down the driveway to greet our running friend.

Some things just don’t change.

My compromise, I figured, was to just do a quick stroll around the block, enough to get him moving a little but not to wear him out. These days I need to save his energy.

But the scene playing out in front of me reminds me of something I’ve said over and over: Riley will always be a puppy.

Easily excited, his playful nature is contagious and cheerful. While his 8th birthday is this October, Riley still acts like he is 2 years old. In my heart, he will always be a puppy.

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