After Boston

Some days running takes a back seat to life. On rare occasions, it becomes life.

But you don’t have to lace up shoes to feel the impact or shudder at the tragedy today at the Boston Marathon. Almost immediately, as we learned about explosions near the finish line, media jumped on the story. Email alerts filled my inbox, colleagues asked about local runners who might be in Boston and the news ticker at the bottom of the TV screen scrolled the latest updates.

So far, it appears all of the regional runners participating are accounted for. Here are stories from Grand Forks and Fargo. And another from Bemidji, where a friend was just 100 yards from where the bombs went off. Thankfully, initial reports are that everyone from the area is safe and uninjured. A few are my friends, others are acquaintances. Some I do not know other than recognizing familiar names from races around the area. My thoughts and prayers are with all of them and their families.

An act of terrorism tears open old wounds. It forces us to revisit conversations. We will be forced to ask tough questions.

But runners will pull together. Support one another. Defy the acts of terrorism through unity and strength of spirit.

In Grand Forks, the Red River Runners plan to gather at 6 p.m. Tuesday at the YMCA for a “special Tuesday Night Running Group,” with runners wearing blue and yellow to honor those who ran in Boston. According to the group’s Facebook page: “You don’t have to run if you don’t want….just be around running buddies as we reflect on what went on today.”

One thought on “After Boston

  1. Your column is on the mark and good to take in after the awful tragedy, but please note the word is “shudder”, not “shutter.”

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