Once around the lake

For the first time in many months, I headed out for my weekend long run with plans to make the trek around Lake Bemidji.

Normally a very peaceful run, the mild weather on Saturday made this 16-plus mile trek even more attractive. While I bypassed the bike path – still packed with snow – the nearby road on the east side provides a bonus: some rolling hills perfect for training for Grandma’s Marathon.

Training has been a bit of a yo-yo experience in March. But thankfully a trip to Arizona helped get me back on track. Plenty of miles and another desert trail race in the foothills of the mountains surrounding the Phoenix area helped get me back on track. The 18-plus mile trail race helped set the stage for yesterday’s run around Lake Bemidji, a distance that seemed a little overwhelming just a few weeks ago.

Here’s a view from the trail during the Mesquite Canyon race.

I snapped a few other pictures from the trail, and I also took several others to chronicle the week in Arizona. This one is a nature area near Mesa, and offers a view of the namesake of the high school I attended when I lived there as a teen:

During the trip, I took some photos from other adventures, including some spring training baseball games and my morning runs during the trip:

Soon, my main focus will be the full transition from Bemidji to Grand Forks. As part of that transition, I’m excited to meet runners in what will be my new hometown and logging some long runs in the company of the Red River Runners in Grand Forks.

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