10 for breakfast

After struggling a bit on Monday’s run, I decided to go home last night and hit the “reset” button. Instead of focusing on a difficult workout, I focused my energy to making today’s a good one.

I could barely wait to get to the indoor track. In fact, I found myself pacing around at home, waiting for time to go by, so I could get in my vehicle and drive to the recreational center.

The center had just opened when I arrived. I just need to take off my jacket and slip on a different pair of shoes.

The run started out better than Monday, but after about 3 miles, I started to feel a little suspicious about my goal. But I kept plugging away. One lap led to another, and another. When I finally looked at my watch again, I saw that I had logged 8 miles. Just 2 more to go.

It wasn’t the easiest, or most fun, 10-mile run. But I felt a sense of accomplishment afterward. And now I’m ready to take on the rest of my day.

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