4 for the weekend

Over the past several weeks, I’ve lost some of my motivation to run outside.

Running inside has become easier lately.  After returning from Arizona, where I felt inspired to run the hills and canals in 50-plus degree weather, the colder climes of northern Minnesota have been less inviting. And indoors, where the excessive layers and heavy Gortex shoes aren’t needed, I can simply run faster. It feels good to move faster and disregard worries about slipping on ice or battling bitter wind chills.

Still, I was determined this past Sunday to bundle up, lace the shoes on tight and head out for a long run. I just couldn’t bear to run in a circle for 2 hours.

After spending 100 minutes on the indoor trainer Saturday, and another hour cross country skiing with Riley, I made sure to get a good night’s sleep. Then, early Sunday, I prepped for the run outdoors, picking a familiar, favorite route for the bulk of my run.

In many ways, the run did not standout in any way. Except that by the time I returned home, after about 10 miles, I felt guilted into running with Riley. It’s a trick I’ve used on myself a few times and a way to get the mileage I want and need for my training.

So I gathered a few more things in the rec room, adjusted the leash and headed out the door. Riley stormed down the street, pulling me along. My thoughts of running a mile or 2 were dashed quickly. While the run was not an easy one for me, I knew I’d be better off for getting in the mileage.

A few hours later, I found myself over at the Bemidji State University pool, swimming laps and feeling a sense of accomplishment for sticking with my running plans earlier in the day. Overall, the weekend was a good one for a variety of good endurance sporting adventures: cycling, skiing, running and swimming all part of the equation. This morning, though, I realize I’m still working on figuring out the fueling and nutrition aspects of being a weekend warrior: recovery is important, but so is preparation.

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