Rounding the corner

The past week seems like its gone by so fast, and at one point this past weekend, I just had to put the brakes on and rest. Looking at my upcoming Ironman Wisconsin training plan, it was clear that I was far ahead of schedule and that I needed to recovery from my workouts before burning myself out.

So, when a friend sent a message last weekend and asked if I’d be up for a run while she and her family visited Walker for a hockey tournament, I jumped at the chance. It turned into a terrific chance to catch up while logging 10 hilly, tough miles. And pancakes and coffee at a small town cafe afterward topped off a terrific Saturday morning.

By the time I arrived home in Bemidji, I was plotting my skiing adventures for the weekend. A pending snowstorm wasn’t going to stop Riley and me from heading out on some nearby trails. It didn’t take long, though, during Saturday’s excursion, for me to discover the earlier run had really pummeled my quadriceps.

Up early Sunday, the snow began to fall heavy and wet, but again we headed to a nearby trail for some fun. This time, we spent 90 minutes on the trails – which were nowhere near as slick or easy to navigate. But we were there early enough to sorta follow the tracks.

After 90 minutes of plowing through the snow, Riley appeared to be worn out. By the time I returned home, I found myself ready for a nap on the couch. Plans for a long swim and an endurance ride on the indoor trainer were put on the shelf.

I found myself needing a break, and recovery time from some recent tough workouts. And then this morning I headed over to Bemidji State University, where I logged 10 miles on the track. The pace felt a bit sluggish, but as the miles added up, I realized each one was faster than the previous. It proved to be a fun start to the day.

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