Above the stars

Seven days into the new year and I’ve already been filled with some adventure and experience.

As I ran along a country road with Riley last week, I thought about how the moon hovered above the stars, a crystal clear ball illuminating the pre-dawn sky. The air appeared crystallized but refreshing. Riley playfully roamed the roadside ditch, sniffing along the way.

But then I ended up this weekend in Fargo, where I took Riley for a vet appointment. It also allowed me to line up some running dates with friends – experiences which give me motivation and inspiration to keep going on those early mornings alone.

A friend and I planned a run north of town, and while the weather app on my phone is usually pretty accurate, I question it gave me the right information on Saturday. It was downright cold – to the point that I worried about frostbite. After finishing up, I received this description of the morning from a friend – “you got to experience a great morning: the dark, the depth of blues before the quick winter orange sunrise, the north star way way east of the quarter moon.”

I wish I had penned those words.

Luckily, I was able to run with the author the next morning, as we settled for a jaunt through town on Sunday but managed to buffer the wind and keep each other going with good conversation.

This morning, I planned to get up for a run, and take along Riley (fresh off a clean bill of health from the vet) for some much needed exercise. I thought about putting off the run – worried about overtraining when I’m not really training yet for my 2013 races – and I realized that I had to go: the weather this week is simply too good to pass up. Heading outside in the dark morning reminds me how lucky we are, when the temps during January are hovering in the teens or above. Perhaps it is shortening winter and providing an easier track to spring, when the signs of spring and the warmth of the sun brings us joy again.

One thought on “Above the stars

  1. Your running adventures inspire me. I’m a cross country skiier so being out in the cold and enjoying a long ski on a super day is my cup of tea

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