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One of the great perks of living in an active community like the Fargo-Moorhead area is the culture of fitness.

It’s a community that hosts quality, well-supported and thriving events, like the Fargo Marathon and a number of other smaller races. Other events within driving distance also see a large F-M participation.

Residents place a significant value on fitness – evident by a running community which continually fosters new runners. Each spring, the streets, trails and neighborhoods are teeming with more and more runners, those who want to make healthy living a part of their daily routine.

By their nature, runners are a fun-loving, responsible and hard-working group. They appreciate opportunities, respect others and their property, and appreciate the value of a well-timed word of support.

And as terrific as all this sounds, there’s more that can be done to make the community more active and foster camaraderie between these everyday athletes.

There are several publicly owned facilities which, if they were open regularly to the community, would increase and improve fitness. Access to facilities serves as a significant contributor to healthy living.

Currently, there’s a growing effort in Fargo to show community support for increasing public access to school tracks, for walking and running, and tennis courts. An email circulating suggests supporters contact Fargo Public School officials and encourage opening tracks and tennis courts for recreational physical activity from dawn to dusk when surfaces are free of snow.

If you support opening up school facilities for general recreational activities, call (701) 241-1005 and ask to speak with Superintendent Jeff Schatz. Or email him at

Looking ahead
The race calendar will be full in 2013, giving runners plenty of options to run their first, furthest or fastest race.
While I’ve been a little lean on posts to my Addicted to Running blog in the past several weeks, I’ve begun building the race listing with links to event websites. Visit the blog to find your next race, or provide me a link to one that should be included on the list.

A well-deserved congratulation goes out to Maggie Beal of Moorhead, who this past weekend finished second among women in Wisconsin’s 35-mile Tuscobia Winter Ultramarathon. Awesome job Maggie!

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