A big 40

My plan for New Year’s Day really didn’t have any specificity, other than I knew it would involve spending time on the indoor bike trainer and some time running the frosty country roads near my house.

As I neared the end of the run, with Riley in tow, I realized that it was going to be a 40-mile effort. And I could feel better.

With 30 miles on the bike and 10 more by foot, there wasn’t a better way to ring in 2013. I’ve thought about a few friends who’ve commented that I appear to have recaptured my mojo. Well, it had been lacking, but I agree. It seems sometime in the past few weeks it’s returned.

In many ways, the start of 2013 is so different than the dawn of 2012. Yes, I started last year in a similar fashion, logging double-digit miles on foot. But there was a difference in the way I felt.

Nearing my marathon taper last year, I knew my legs were dead. A lot of things just weren’t right and time would soon prove that I’d face injuries and a tailspin unlike what I’ve faced before.

But not this year. I feel renewed and rejuvenated. Revved up to tackle new goals, try new challenges, push through new barriers. Even running in the cold – something I’ve historically cursed about doing – has gone well.

I suspect cycling and swimming have something to do with it. Attitude also plays a role, too.

It seems each new workout excites me. I don’t have enough time in the day to research and soak up all the knowledge I want about becoming a better athlete or a better person. But I know 2013 is full of new challenges and opportunities, that I’ll aim for better balance in all aspects of my life, eat a more nutritious diet with more whole and unprocessed foods, and run more often with friends.

After the big 40 on New Year’s, I’m just that much more committed to a great year.

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