The best of 2012

As the year closes, and I look back on 2012, I pause for a few moments to think about the ups and downs from the past 12 months.

There were plenty of both, but as I aim to find perspective, I realize the highlights really aren’t about events. The best moments of 2012 were those spent with friends: hanging out after the the P.F. Chang’s marathon in Arizona, sharing race experiences at the Fargo Marathon at a post-race gathering, another Grandma’s Marathon weekend, the Great River Ragnar Relay, running buddy night and a Christmas Eve morning jaunt through my old neighborhood.

It was the time spent with friends – miles run with those who share the same values and passions – that mean far more than the finish times for events that really serve as a reason to get out and do what I love to do.

These thoughts filled my mind as I spent 3 hours on an indoor bicycle trainer this past Saturday, and 14-plus miles running the frosty back roads outside Bemidji on Sunday.

While the places and events are memorable, they are only a backdrop to experiencing this great sport with friends. As 2012 winds down, to just a few hours, thanks to all who have made the year special. And I’m looking forward to 2013. Happy trails!

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