A good ride

Nearly every day this month, I’ve wondered why its been so hard to run outdoors in the winter time.

It just didn’t seem that difficult this year.

As temps often hovered in the teens and 20s, it seems like the winter just gets a little shorter each day and running in the Northland really isn’t all that difficult.

Thankfully, I’ve been able to run 5 days a week, enjoying the crisp air and snow that comes along with life in Minnesota. It won’t always be that way, I suppose.

At some point, the temps will dip into the single digits, then below zero, and I’ll long for the therapy of the desert, the chance to shed the layers and run with traction. Still, it seems like it’s been a good ride, and a much better end to 2012 than the start.

Certainly, it’s been a roller coaster of a year – one in which I’ll spend little time reflecting and far more energy focused on the goals and opportunities presented by a new year.

In 2013, I’m focused on triathlons, and overall objectives that aren’t based solely on time or distance. Days spent in the pool and the bike, often in conjunction with a run, are a priority and the next marathon may just be a training run, more a matter of tradition than destiny.

2 thoughts on “A good ride

  1. Training every day is a blessing, no matter what our ability, or goal. The point of it all I think is that we are given little time to be here. We are mortal and fragile beings. Movement is glorious and amazing.

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