Have Mercy

It’s been a grind. Weeks have gone by without writing a new blog post, a function of time and duty rather than words to say.

Along the way, I’ve learned a few things about myself, though, in this runner’s journey. And, more than ever, running has helped to keep me reasonably sane and grounded. But it hasn’t all been about running.

There’s been some swimming, strength training and cycling, on an indoor trainer, to keep things interesting. And on the indoor trainer I’ve taken to watching Spinerval videos to work on my form and skill for the bike. A couple of those 2-hour videos, “Have Mercy” and “Have Mercy, The Sequel,” have served as my Saturday workouts. After those workouts, I’ve felt rewarded by a tough effort in which I was both tired and energized by finishing.

Along the way, swimming has helped keep my legs fresh, even if I haven’t necessarily improved my skill in the pool. I feel better for doing it, and the variety has made me a better runner. The same can be said about the time spent in the weight room, where I’ve reconnected with a part of my athletic past to embrace the effort and rewards of slinging metal plates around.

Coincidentally, though, my running has also improved. I’m not so sure about my time, but I’ve regularly logged 5 runs each week, with a longer weekend run to keep my endurance base. Last Sunday, in the snow and cold, I ran a now familiar road. After logging 10 miles I swung by the house to pick up Riley, and we headed to a nearby trail. It was a nice, but exhausting, 14-mile effort for me, but a great way to spend the day.

Also, for those who are looking for a registration form for the Bemidji Blue Ox Marathon next October, here’s the registration form, website and Facebook page.

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