Magical night

It had been a long day, nearly 12 hours in the office, when I finally walked out the door, and I wasn’t quite prepared for the intense darkness.

Instantly, though, there was something magical about this night. It was perfect for a run.

After a long day, it wasn’t even in the forefront of my thoughts. Stepping outside changed y thoughts in an instant.

A short drive home, and I was quickly changing into my running gear and making sure Riley’s light was blinking. We headed out to the street and sliced through the darkness and thick, humid air. It was one of those nights, more reminiscent of early fall, that remind me of the joy and freedom that running brings.

It proved to be the perfect way to wrap up the day.

The run marked just my second since the Twin Cities Marathon as I focus on recovery – not from a single event, but 15 races without a break in training during a 4-year span. The break officially ended with an hour run on Saturday, my first in 13 days, as I focus on regaining energy and finding balance through cycling and swimming.

Cycling is going well – I’ve logged several rides in the past 10 days – but I continue my struggle with the swim. Still, I feel slow progress there, and look forward to the day when I’ll be churning out laps regularly with more ease.


One thought on “Magical night

  1. magical is in the mind–I thought it was like a NYC early winter night with fog and heavy moisture in the air and hard to breathe–sort of like breathing through a sponge as we used to say in our home town. But, magical is in the mind and glad your mind is set there—happy running and congrats again on one year at the Pioneer.

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