Fall rush

In the weekend before the Twin Cities Marathon, my goal was pretty simple: do enough running to stay sharp for the race, but don’t overdo it and wear out my legs before it starts.

The final couple weeks before a marathon can be a tricky time. Often, the days leading up to a long distance affair can make or break the actual race. I’ve heard so many examples of people tapering too much, and even pushing too hard, and effectively sinking their chance to run the best on race morning.

In this training cycle, I never reached the mileage I hoped – par for the course for this year’s marathons – but I decided not to get to concerned about mileage numbers. Instead, my goal was to run consistently, put in enough long workouts to ready me for the race, and hope that fewer miles might mean fresher legs.

Up until last week, I felt pretty good about staying on track. And while I didn’t get quite the runs in last week that I hoped, this past weekend proved to be a good tablesetter for the marathon. On Saturday, I headed out early and did a nice 12-mile uptempo run, and it generally felt easy and light. My follow up run on Sunday brought some reason for concern – more than 6 miles on a very up-and-down trail course.

And while my legs were feeling a bit beat up from the Sunday run, a refreshing short swim this morning helped to revitalize and rejuvenate the legs. The run accidentally turned out longer than expected, mainly due to getting turned around on the trails, but looking back, I wouldn’t trade the run in for anything else.

The trail run provided Riley and myself a terrific fall rush of colors – the vibrant reds, oranges and yellows made each step worth itself in aesthetics alone.

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