Giving it a tri

Running, biking and storm cleanup – that’s been the routine for the past few weeks, which has kept me from writing regularly.

The July 2 storm that swept through the Bemidji area left one tree down in my yard, and just brushing the corner of my house, while shearing the top of 6 pines and snapping the main limbs from a maple. In many ways, I was really lucky, but it took plenty of time to cleanup, a process that I just completed Monday – 2 weeks after the storm.

Still, I found time to get some running in, and I feel like I could make a good push to get back to my normal mileage. Since Grandma’s Marathon, it’s been a little bit of a struggle to get my mileage back up where I like – and where I feel comfortable. Like storm cleanup, I’ve decided it’s a process so I’m slowly climbing the mileage ladder – adding 5 miles a week. Soon I’ll make a bigger jump and get back to where I’d like to be.

With the warm days, I’ve also had a chance to take advantage of riding my road bike a bit. I’m heading out again tonight for some miles, and starting to feel more comfortable on wheels.

This weekend, the Paul Bunyan Triathlon is in Bemidji, and my plan is to watch it, focusing on the athletes during their transitions, and hopefully participate in a triathlon the following week in Walker.

Ironically, after running my first race – the marathon relay in Fargo way back in 2007 – my goal was to run a half marathon and then do a triathlon. Along the way, I ended up addicted to running, and signed up for Grandma’s Marathon. I never did a triathlon, but the idea has stuck with me, so I’m hoping to cross that off my list of things to do. And if it goes well, maybe I’ll get another triathlon or two in before the summer is out.

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