Light duty

It was one of those electric days when the weather is so perfect that you have to shuffle things around a bit just to take advantage of Mother Nature’s gift.

So as lunch time neared Thursday, I grabbed my keys and sunglasses, headed out of the office and zipped home. Most days, it’s a quick stop to feed the Red Dragon, as I sometimes call Riley, and let him out for a moment.

This time, though, I changed into some running gear, slipped on some shoes and grabbed the dog leash. It wouldn’t be a normal run, but enough to soak up a little sun, re-energize the mind and soul, and breathe in the piney air. The pedestrian pace was fine by me, it was just good to feel the sun again after nearly a month of gray May skies.

About mile 3, we made our way over to Lake Bemidji, where Riley jumped in for a quick splash and a drink. He fetched a few sticks and we were on our way so I could drop him off at home and head back to work, energized by a short midday run.

By evening, I was out mowing the yard, and taking care of other tasks, turning it into a late night. And that meant a tough turn around. Four hours of sleep before getting up early for a short run with a buddy. I struggle to run well on such little sleep, but the morning was so perfect – and these days it pays to take advantage of every one we get.

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