Reason for running

If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s whining. And there’s a difference between telling it like it is, and complaining about it.

During the past several months as I’ve tried working through injuries, I’ve tried to focus on my training for what it is. That leaves very little good to say.

Last night, with the clouds spitting drizzle, I decided to zip over to the indoor track at Bemidji State University in hopes of logging some mileage. The goal, simple enough, was to run comfortably and accept it for whatever it turned into.

Soon I found myself zipping counterclockwise around the blue track, the pace light and easy with only minor discomfort in one hamstring. During nearly 4 months, I’ve seen my share of leg issues: a sprained ankle, misaligned hip, hyperextended knee, sciatic nerve pain and a sore hamstring.

Many people, even runners, have suggested I shut it down for a while by resting.
That’s easier said than done. Staying the course, running with these issues, has been about a mindset for me. I keep grinding away because I have to keep the faith that things will improve.

And last night, my reason for running sprouted into an euphoric workout. Running within seconds of marathon pace simply felt good for 7 miles.

And I thought about the 10-day bounce. It takes about 10 days for the benefits of a workout to be evident in training or a race. And it had been 10 days since running marathon pace during the half marathon in Fargo.

It also gave me some encouragement for Grandma’s Marathon, and the hope that race day will be as good to me as last night’s run – even if I’m paying the price the day after.

One thought on “Reason for running

  1. Wondering what kind of shoes you train in?? I have switched to minimalist running shoes and after a slow break in and patience, I haven’t had any knee, IT band or lower back pain ever since. I think that Chris MacDougall “Born to Run” is on to something.

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