A lot to cheer about

For all the talk about the weather, including some advice for the worst of conditions posted on this blog, it turned out to be a pretty good morning for the Fargo Marathon events.

Friday’s heat subsided, and temperature really dropped in the 2 hours before the start of the half marathon, and the rain stayed away. The wind, of course, offered an additional challenge for runners, especially once they turned north, but that’s life in the Red River Valley.

And it reinforces an important lesson, in running and life, that is sometimes easy to forget: don’t worry about the things you can’t control. By all means, it’s advisable to prepare. Personally, it’s one reason why I always want to show up to a race prepared: If I’ve taken care of all the details on my end, then there’s really not much to do other than go out and have fun.

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Quite a bit of content also is available on The Forum’s website.

This year’s race turned out to be the best yet. The half marathon and marathon courses were both stellar, and splitting them was a good move by race officials. They also made some other good moves: having a longer line for finishers to walk through after crossing the line, opening up the Fargodome floor for runners (instead of squeezing vendors in there on race day) was a huge improvement, especially since runners are a social bunch and the extra space really allowed for runners, friends and families to mingle, and the volunteers and spectators again were terrific.

I’m always impressed by the fans on Ninth Street South as they turn out in full force. The spectators near El Zagal also were spectacular.

Certainly, there will be some tweaks to next year’s race (better signs inside the dome to direct finishers is an example, although the bad drop location was a major improvement). But overall, the template set for this year’s race should serve the Fargo Marathon well into the future.

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