Running the wave

A peculiar thing happened Tuesday night, and I didn’t mind at all.

At some point, I woke from my sleep, just moments before I felt it – a strange twitch in my leg, the one that’s given me all sorts of problems for nearly 3 months. My leg clenched, near the top of the hamstring, and then released, as it felt like the muscle did “The Wave” down to the back of my knee.

It was strange, but immediately my leg felt more loose, and almost normal.

Exhausted, though, I slept during the time I’d normally get up to run. But all day I couldn’t help but notice less sciatic nerve pain. And I wondered if this meant I’d get back to my normal routine – and back to training for Grandma’s Marathon.

By the time I arrived home Wednesday night, the anticipation had built up inside. Hurriedly, I slipped on my running clothes, grabbed a leash to clip to Riley and headed out the door. And I told myself if the pain was suddenly gone, I would run 10 miles.

A good sign, the pain was far less than what I’ve experienced over the past 7 weeks. Somehow, I managed to put in 200 miles in March, but in April, it took every bit of mental fortitude to run every other day until I simply had to stop.

The running was labored, a bit, as I’ve lost some fitness. It’s as though battling injury after injury since early February that I’ve somehow lost my natural, smooth gait. While I put in miles, I adjusted my stride to put in miles, no matter how uncomfortable they were. And now I’m relearning to run. But today I ran – and it was with the least amount of pain I’ve experienced since severely spraining my ankle on that first Saturday in February.

Most likely, rest has helped. So, too, has the stretching, light weight lifting and using a foam roller.

Tomorrow, I’ll get up and go through the routine and hope that when I strike out for a run afterward, that more positive feedback will start bringing joy back to my running.

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