For better or worse

Well, there’s not much that can be done to prepare for Sunday’s marathon in Phoenix now, but I’ve been feeling some anxiety about it.

Usually, I’m not nervous about marathons, but this one is a little bit different. The main difference is that I’m not comfortable about my long run preparation.

With the exception of last winter’s Surf City Marathon, I’ve had a minimum of 7 runs of 18 or more miles for every race I’ve done. For Surf City, I didn’t quite have the endurance but I had a lot of speed training and decent miles overall.

But this time is different. Almost equally disappointing is that I have been logging 40-mile weeks, but don’t feel like I’ve taken advantage of probably the only winter we’ll see in the Northland with great running weather. Those 40-mile weeks are a far cry from the 55-60 mile weeks last spring.

Still, there’s no sense fretting about it.

For some time, I’ve contemplated dropping down to the half marathon, but had a change of heart the past few days. Maybe I’m just a gluton for punishment, but for better or worse, I feel that it’s fair to suffer on Sunday for the lack of adequate training.

On the positive side, I’m using it as a springboard to future training and races, especially since I want to do a 50K, perhaps as early as this spring.

There are a lot of runners expected at this marathon – through the grapevine I’ve heard of quite a Fargo-Moorhead contingent, and now know there are some from Bemidji, too. Best of luck to everyone running this weekend.

4 thoughts on “For better or worse

  1. Good luck, Steve! You might be surprised to find out less is sometimes more – a couple PRs have come after lighter training schedules with focus on speed rather than miles. Relax, enjoy the race & the beautiful Phoenix area!

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