20 at the lake

A buddy of mine training for the upcoming Twin Cities Marathon asked me yesterday if  wanted to join him in Detroit Lakes early this morning for a 20-mile run.

At first, I was a little reluctant, even though I joined him and some of his friends last weekend for a long run and had a great time. It gave me a chance to meet new friends and an easy way to pass the time while getting in my miles.

But I didn’t really want to drive to Detroit Lakes to run today. At least not alone. Then he added me to a list of training partners and it soon became clear that several of them were planning the trek to get in their weekend long runs. I didn’t mind driving, but for some reason I just wasn’t keen on the solo drive this time. And then I thought back to how much fun last weekend was.

Meeting up at the downtown Y, we carpooled over to Detroit Lakes, and thankfully they didn’t leave without me since I happened to be a few minutes late (apparently I didn’t give myself enough time for the pre-trip coffee stop).

The first half of the run seemed to fly by, and then I started to get a bit tired. I already committed to the full 20 miles, so secretly I was hoping someone would decide to cut the run a little short. A few miles later, an energy surge brought me back to life, helping me finish the longest run since Grandma’s Marathon in June.

The best part, though, was chatting with friends and meeting new ones, listening to their goals and experiences, and focusing on other people’s training. It helped me log a marathon training run (even without one on the fall calendar), but even better it served as another reminder there are some really good people around, and without running, I probably wouldn’t know nearly as many.

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