The Oregon Trail

For the span of 4 days, I had a chance to run some of the trails in Oregon, from a surreal experience in Eugene and rejuvenating treks in Portland’s Waterfront and Forest parks.

Since I didn’t hook up to the Internet while on vacation, I’ll be writing and posting some pictures about those experiences now that I’m back in Fargo. And, having mailed back some of my personal items, including the USB cord for my camera, those reflections may need to wait a few days unless I get creative in downloading photos.

More than just the great running opportunities, though, I had a chance to read and think about my own personal journey in our sport, and where it might lead me.

But running didn’t come without its challenges. After contemplating which shoes to take on the trip, I chose to take a light pair that weren’t well tested. It ended up being a bad choice: after a 10-mile run on Saturday, my legs felt trashed. Add in 8 more the following day, and the pain was worse than anything I’d ever felt running. Normally, I recover extremely fast after marathons, but the pain was crippling. Getting up from bed or a chair proved to be a challenge.

After eliminating possible causes, I came to the conclusion that the shoes were the problem. That prompted me to buy a different pair while in Portland. After moving around enough to lossen up my muscles, I was out the door on Monday for a 6-mile recover run. By Tuesday, my legs felt electric, allowing me to zip up and down the trails in Forest Park without any problems. I decided to push through the pain for the sake of maximizing the opportunity of running Oregon’s trails.

Once I get the photo situation figured out, I’ll post separate blogs on running in Eugene, home to Pre’s Trail, and Forest Park (thanks to Lisa at the Portland Running Co. in helping me find a way there), where the dirt trails and switchbacks cut through a dense forest of 150-foot-tall trees. The trails are very different from each other, but both offered stunning views.

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