A good running rhythm

On Sunday, after running the Minneapolis Marathon, I stood at the finish line when I saw a garden hose with a nozzle on the end.

There was no question what would happen next: I took the nozzle in my hand, held it above my head and squeezed the trigger. The blast of water felt great and since I was already sweaty from running in the mid-70s temps, I continued to spray down my neck and shoulders.

Soon afterward, I walked several blocks to my vehicle, I noticed the hose was hooked into a fire hydrant. No wonder there was such a powerful blast.

I also was surprised about how good I felt after running my second marathon in 15 days. If anything, I felt better after the race, which I thought would knock me down with fatigue somewhere in the middle miles. Within minutes of arriving at my parking spot, I ate 2 monster cookies and started driving to the suburbs to meet a friend to grab a pepperjack burger and waffle fries before taking Riley swimming at a lake. Of course, Riley loved being back in a lake, and the water felt great on my feet.

This morning, Riley, Tim and I were back on the roads, enjoying the peaceful dawn filled with chatter between friends and a nice breeze. It was a perfect 4-mile run, a distance I expect to repeat each of the next few days before bumping up the mileage – hopefully on a trail somewhere this weekend – a little in my attempt to stay in a good running rhythm.

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