A perfect 10 miles

Just on the edge of a shelter belt north of Fargo, 3 deer stood looking at me.

As I ran down the street in the pre-dawn light, flashing lights blinked to alert potential motorists of my presence. But I couldn’t help but notice those deer, who stood staring at me until gingerly stepping back into the cover of conifer trees.

It was early in my 10-mile run, but enough to remind me for the duration about why I like running on the edge of town so early in the morning. And while my pace isn’t all that brisk right now, there’s still no better way to welcome the day. Thankfully, those days are getting warmer and warmer as May approaches.

One of the biggest surprises for me during this mileage buildup before the Fargo Marathon is how good my legs feel. Despite heavy mileage, at least by my standards, my legs still feel good. Now I just need to train them to turnover quicker.

While today I received my official registration postcard for Grandma’s Marathon in June, my thoughts turn to tomorrow with hope of good news. The New York City Marathon holds its lottery, and I’m just hoping my number gets pulled.

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