An inspiring performance

During the Boston Marathon yesterday, I decided to track a couple of the local runners I know to see how they were doing, and so I could send them a note congratulating them on their accomplishment.

By chance, I decided to track a few other runners, even though I don’t know them personally. I just know their names from winning and running some local races. One of those runners was Meg Grindall.

If you haven’t read it already, take a minute to read Forum reporter Jeff Kolpack’s story about Meg in today’s Forum. Yesterday and today, a few runners sent me emails and texts about her amazing accomplishment of qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Trials while running Monday at the Boston Marathon. Reading the story even makes it even more amazing as she shaved about 10 minutes off her personal best. That’s a huge amount, and considering her training regimen and where we live, Meg’s story is enough to inspire any runner.

But there’s something more to the story: Meg’s accomplishment goes to show how important it is to have the right mental frame of mind heading into a race. She was ready for the marathon, felt good, and decided to push herself. A few of the magazine articles I’ve read lately talk about having the right perspective, and the importance of believing in oneself to reach our goals. If you don’t believe you can reach your goals, it probably isn’t going to happen.

We’ve all heard references in other sports that performance is as much mental as physical preparation. And it applies to our sport, too. You can be prepared physically on race day, but if you don’t have the right mental perspective, it’s going to be a lot more difficult to achieve your goals. Thinking back, in nearly all my marathons, I remember not knowing what I was capable of running. But I was going to find out on race day, and either break through to better times or burn out on the course trying. And it’s nearly always led to better times.

So all of you who are looking to run faster, longer, harder, just take a moment to think about Meg’s performance at the Boston Marathon. And then go out and surprise yourself.

2 thoughts on “An inspiring performance

  1. Steve, thank you for writing such a nice article! I am glad I am able to inspire other runners as well as get inspiration from them. Good luck in your upcoming races!

    • Meg,
      Congrats on such an awesome marathon and thanks for taking a moment to write. Thanks for providing an inspiration, it’s great to see people doing amazing things. Have a great day!

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