Flood miles

A couple years ago, as we headed into the 2009 flood fight, I vowed to keep running regardless. It would be my little bit of sanity during our time of chaos.

Everywhere I turned, there were levees under construction, large trucks hauling clay and a frenzied approach to saving the city. The community worked around the clock to keep the Red River from swallowing up neighborhoods, and I’m not sure if people know or remember how close we were to losing large portions of the metro area.

At some point during the 2009 flood, I abandoned my plans to run – and found myself on a hiatus for several days, mostly to recover from the longest work week of my life.

Heading into this spring’s fight, my approach has been different. Our cities have a new level of protection, upgraded the past 2 years to better fend off rising river waters. It’s made a big difference. Still, there’s uncertainty going into any flood on unknown projections, but I planned to take time off from running when needed.

Thankfully, to this point, I’ve had the chance to run every day this week, logging a lot of miles and using my early morning runs to tour the city. Those early morning runs give me a good barometer of what is happening with the Red and work being done around the community.

And an interesting thing has happened: those runs have bolstered my enthusiasm, and in turn, helped me take the jump in mileage that’s been lacking in my training this spring. Instead of the flood interrupting my training, like in 2009, the rising Red has sparked an increase in training.

After an 18-miler last Friday, which definitely was a struggle, I’ve logged 2 more runs of 10+ miles. And tomorrow I’ll be hoping to knock out another long run, which will set me up for a heavy duty month of training for Grandma’s (and maybe Fargo).

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