Crisp morning run

While I’m not too crazy about the cool and below-normal temps, there’s one upside: Riley doesn’t need a bath every time we go out running.

On a crisp morning like today, Riley found himself hurdling snow banks and would-be water puddles as we ran in the pre-dawn darkness. It also gave me a chance to wear him out after a few shorter runs this weekend that seemed to wear him out.

Even as I struggled through 11 miles on Sunday morning, the last 4 with my dog, Riley seemed more interested in sniffing and exploring every set of tracks remaining in the snow. Then we returned home, he wanted to play fetch and keep-away. Doesn’t he know the run was supposed to tire him for a quiet afternoon nap?

For the weekend, I tallied 31 miles: 16-plus on Friday night, 4 on Saturday and 11 on Sunday. This week, I’ll look to bump up my next weekend long run.

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