70 degree swing

In less than a day, I’ll be on the big bird in the sky, on my way to Miami to run the Ragnar Relay from there to the Florida Keys.

For the past few months, I’ve been plugging away, blocking the trip out of my mind. But I’m a person who loves being around the water, so I’m expecting to soak up the sun, atmosphere and culture for a few days. And I won’t mind the 70-degree swing in temperature, either.

Ironically, I headed out this morning with Riley to meet up with a friend, and we did an easy 5-mile run. Except it wasn’t all that easy after a speed workout last night on the treadmill. Marathon training has been a little bit of a grind lately, and I’m getting in my miles and workouts with a little bit of creative scheduling. The trip to Florida should provide a boost to my training with some warm weather running.

My final run on the frozen tundra before the trip was memorable. It was mild outside, allowing me to wear just 2 layers. It was refreshing to run without much wind and light snow falling onto my face.

Still, my thoughts turn to the trip: I’m heading down with good friends and teammates from the summer Ragnar Relay in Minnesota. They’re a good group and always fun to hang around. Perhaps this is a better winter race destination than a marathon, which can prove to be the most challenging training of the year.

Unfortunately, I won’t be back in time to catch “Hood to Coast,” a movie documenting the largest relay race on the continent. It will be playing at 7 p.m. Tuesday in the Century 10 Theatre in Fargo. A few years back, “Spirit of the Marathon” played there and it was fun to hang out with other runners. I’m sure this one film will be entertaining, but I’ll have to wait for it on DVD.

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