A crescent moon

The night shaped up nicely for the annual Full Moon 5K last night, and contrary to early weather forecasts, the conditions were about as ideal for a November night on the prairie: clear skies with a good view of the crescent moon, diminishing winds and temperatures above freezing.

I showed up a bit early, picking up my race packet before the crowd arrived so I could head down the road for some pre-race miles. Thankfully, I had a windproof jacket with, though, as I ran into the brunt of the wind before turning around.

A large crowd gathered in West Fargo’s Cheney Middle School: a place to stay warm before the start and a chance to listen to the Star Spangled Banner, a nice touch for Veterans Day.

Overall, the race went really well, but I found myself in trouble early. I jumped up on the curb, right out of the starting gate, basically to get around a large mass of runners. When I jumped back onto the street, I rolled my ankle pretty good – causing a rush of fear that I hurt myself badly. It hurt, but soon the pain was gone, as I ran even splits to log a decent time. The ankle felt great for the last 2 miles of the run, and even afterward during the post-run activities. A few hours later, though, it was stiff and sore, and it took me a while to figure out why. It was a bad injury, but it could have been much worse.

This morning, I was still hobbling around on the bum leg. Despite no inflammation, mobility in the ankle is limited and some bones feel a bit out of place. Walking around on it seems to help keep it loose, and if I can manage to keep it that way, I’ll still head out for 18 miles on Saturday as my preparations for the Surf City Marathon continue. If I can’t run on it tomorrow, I’ll look to head out Sunday instead.

For those looking for Full Moon results, click here for the official race page results.

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