Under a gray sky

Well, it looks like it will be a gray, cold evening, but I don’t expect it will dampen the spirits of runners participating in tonight’s Full Moon 5K in West Fargo.

My plan wavered on how to approach the race. While the race will be a speed workout, I debated whether to run a bit this morning and then log a few warmup miles before the race, or just skip a morning workout and focus on running miles tonight.

It turns out that I really didn’t have a choice: the alarm went off this morning, giving me ample time to put in 3 to 4 miles. But after turning off the alarm, I managed to fall back asleep.  This means I’ll fall back on my original plan: get in a few miles before the race and not worry about the number I log today. The focus is to get in a decent warmup before the 7 p.m. start and run a hard effort during the race. It deviates from my training plan but is a terrific substitute.

Recovery will be an important factor after the race, particularly with a long run slated for the weekend. I’ll be heading out for 16 to 18 miles on Saturday, with my aim to hit the higher end of the recommended miles. Since I’m jumping into my training midway through the program, my aim is to slowly build mileage each week. In another week or 2, that mileage will be back to my averages before Grandma’s Marathon.

The biggest question, though, is what to wear for tonight’s race. The temperatures look fine, but the wind could have a bite to it. The hourly weather forecast from the National Weather Service doesn’t look too bad, though: 36 degrees with winds around 8-10 mph, leaving us with a wind chill factor around 30.

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