Chilly run

It was one of those mornings where I knew it was cold outside, and I really wasn’t feeling motivated. In fact, it took everything I could muster just to convince myself that there wasn’t a choice: I needed to run.

Thankfully, I woke up early and the Red River Run over at Fargo’s Oak Grove Park was on the schedule. With a little coffee in me, I knew simply showing up at the race would get me motivated to log some miles.

With hundreds of runners already there, and a place to stay warm inside Oak Grove school, I had a chance to mingle with others and block out the discouragement of a 15 mph wind.

The race went well, especially considering race officials had to make a last-minute course adjustment due to flooding. Throughout the race, my pace didn’t feel quite right, and I looked back at one point just to see if I was the last one in the 15K race. Moments later I rounded the halfway point and saw there were quite a few people running the longer distance and I looked at just finishing strong.

With a warm up jog, I logged a little more than 11 miles today. But the best part was running into friends – some whom I haven’t seen in quite a while – and soaking up all the positive energy. And since it was a chilly day to run, I decided to breakout the ingredients and make some chili to cap off a gray day. As soon as race results are available, I’ll post a link.

One thought on “Chilly run

  1. Felt the same way you did this morning about running! I ran in the 5k Red River Run. Hope you had a great race. I enjoy reading your blog!

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