Easy day

At some point, I know training for the Surf City marathon will be take over my running routine, but I’m not quite there yet.

Today marked a quick 4-mile run on the treadmill with 2 main objectives: keep my legs fresh for Saturday’s Red River Run and continue adjusting to using a treadmill for training. It might seem odd that I’m focused on adjusting to treadmill running, but I have a little rationale: Soon, when the weather prevents speed work outside because of snow and icy streets, I will be forced indoors. I’m slowly attempting to build up my tolerance to the monotony of treadmill running so those longer speed workouts are less daunting.

Coach Greg McMillan, who devised my marathon training program, sent out an email to his athletes this week. It hits on a timely topic for me, especially since my focus is to recover from the Chicago Marathon before transitioning into the next training cycle.

Here’s part of the email: “Research indicates that the muscle damage from running a marathon can last up to two weeks. The research also indicates that soreness (or the lack thereof) is not a good indicator of muscular healing. In other words, just because you aren’t sore anymore doesn’t mean that you are fully healed. This is the danger for marathon runners: Post-marathon muscular soreness fades after a few days but submicroscopic damage within the muscle cells remains. If you return to full training too soon–running more and faster than the tissues are ready for–you risk delaying full recovery and the chance to get ready for your next goal.

And Coach McMillan also responded to an email I sent earlier this week inquiring about adding strength training to my routine. Specifically, my concern focused on when and how to incorporate strength training into my workouts, rather than specific exercises. Stay tuned for more information on when to schedule strength training in your week for optimal muscle development.

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  1. I enjoy reading your column! Haven’t lived in Fargo since 1997, but I follow the Fargo Forum faithfully, due to the cover stories, along with Tammy Swift’s Column, and your column. Keep up the good work Forum writers, you all do a great job.

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