Back to normal

It wasn’t necessarily business as usual, but it felt great to get back on the roads this morning as part of my regular routine. Riley and I headed out on an early morning run, meeting up with a friend and giving the pooch a chance to get out and stretch his legs on his birthday.

For me, I wasn’t sure what the morning would bring and whether my legs would still be in marathon recovery mode. But they felt great during the duration of the nearly 7-mile workout. My plan is to run most days this week at an easy pace, varying the distance a bit. By the weekend, I’m hoping to get out for a longer run to keep in marathon shape.

There’s a lot of things for me to address this week: inserting strength training into my workout schedule, some lingering thoughts about life after the Chicago Marathon, and my marathon plans extending into the spring.

As life returns to normal, though, I’m looking forward to the next scheduled event: the Red River Run at Fargo’s Oak Grove Park on Oct. 30. Click here for more information on this fun annual event.

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