Find the magic

“In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.” – Evelyn Beilenson

With it being such a gorgeous day, I really didn’t want to spend much of it inactive and indoors. But I came to Chicago to run a marathon and my goal is to do it well.

Down time

After this morning’s run, I figured that I could get away with doing some sightseeing or strolling around, but the afternoon would have to be spent off my feet. So I grabbed a banana, a meal replacement shake and my camera before hoofing down the street, winding my way over to the famed Magnificent Mile along Michigan Avenue. The city, even by 10 a.m., was vibrant and filled with people. I swung through Niketown and then made my way over to the John Hancock Building, where I decided to go up to the observatory on the 94th floor.

It was well worth the time on my feet and the $15, as the spectacular cityscape, with its steel and concrete towers soaring above the street, and lakeshore were stunning views on a clear, warm morning.

Swinging through Borders Bookstore, I looked for a small journal to document this trip and future adventures. It’s actually an idea from a friend who was carrying one when we all met up to eat last night. Still, I couldn’t find one worth buying, but I did come across the perfect quote.

Despite the uncertain in training the past 6 weeks, I’m feeling really good for tomorrow’s Chicago Marathon, and I’ve been amazed at how everything has fallen into place during this trip. My pre-marathon routine has become just that: so routine that it’s second nature. That gives me time to relax without worry and focus on tomorrow’s mission of running light, easy, smooth and fast. Tonight’s plans include meeting up with friends to eat some authentic Italian before heading over to the hear Jewel in the final show in the Chicago Country Music Festival, which ends early enough to get back to the hotel for a good night’s sleep.

Congratulations to all the runners today who finished the FM Half Marathon and related events. Click here to find results for all the races. And a special congratulations to Eric Loeffler of Fargo for winning the half marathon. After taking fifth at last weekend’s Twin Cities 10 Mile and capturing another half marathon trophy (Eric also won the Dick Beardsley Half Marathon last month in Detroit Lakes), he’s had a great run leading up to next month’s New York City Marathon.

In 12 hours, I’ll be standing in my corral behind the starting line, waiting for the gun to go off. The crowd’s energy and excitement will lift me up, and I’ll give chase to another dream: a new frontier of 26.2 miles, winding through 29 Chicago neighborhoods, to find out a little more about my boundaries. With a bit of magic, it will be my time to soar.

For those who want to follow me (bib#4236) or any of the other Fargo-Moorhead area runners in the Chicago Marathon, click here for runner tracking. Best of luck to area runners Custer, Jason, Mike, Clare, Wayne and Lisa during your journeys on Sunday.

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