The final effect

Faced with injury, it’s been more than 5 weeks since my trip into the orthopaedic office, and I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way.

It pretty much takes an emergency to get me even thinking about seeing a doctor. But the list of symptoms – and worsening symptoms – prompted me to use some level of caution. Essentia Health’s orthopaedic and physical therapist team receive top marks in my book for their expertise, help and common sense approach to recovery.

They never told me to stop running, and if they had, I probably wouldn’t have listened. But together we came up with a reasonable recovery plan to keep me on track for running the Chicago Marathon.

Today marked one of the last hard workouts before the Oct. 10 race: 2,000-meter intervals, with a short recovery jog between each, followed by 200-meter sprints. It was a terrific morning to run beneath the star-studded sky as I knocked out 9 miles. It was an important workout considering the timing: It takes about 10 days to realize any effects from a workout.

With the marathon 10 days away, my training calls for a 12-mile run on Saturday, with several miles at marathon pace, and 1,000-meter intervals on Tuesday. Everything else will be shorter and less intense until I board the plane for Chicago.

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