The final stretch

Another piece of the puzzle for rehabbing my injury seems to be in place, courtesy of Heidi, my physical therapist at Essentia Health. Yesterday, I swung over for an appointment, and once again she came through for me.

As part of my injury recovery, Heidi has given me a bunch of different exercises to help. Now, like the meeting with orthopaedic Dr. Dan Ostlie on Wednesday, much of the focus is working on issues with my hip. It’s been giving me lots of problems, and may even be the source of muscular imbalance that triggered the lower abdomen strain. Physical therapy sessions have provided me with some stretches to help keep my hips loose and relaxed – and offsetting the problems I’ve been experiencing.

The lingering problems have caused a bit of uncertainty about how well the Chicago Marathon will go. In 2 weeks, I fly out for the race, and I’m hoping to have a good idea before then on what to expect. My concern isn’t so much on whether I can finish – but on whether I’ll be able to push the pace.

There are a few important workouts in the coming weeks to help me gauge my race readiness: A 14-18 mile run, with several miles at race pace, is on tap tomorrow; a 2,000-meter interval session later next week; and another race pace workout – about 12 miles overall – next weekend. Outside of those, I’ll be dialing down the mileage and intensity in hopes of giving myself the best chance to run well on Oct. 10.

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