Lingering issues

Earlier this week, a friend repeated a popular mantra that remains one of her favorite quotes: “You either ran today or you didn’t.”

The quote puts training into focus, although I’m not sure who deserves credit for it. Some days it provides the motivation to slip on the running shoes.

It certainly made a difference when I struggled to get out of bed this morning, one day removed from a checkup at Essentia Health (formerly Innovis Health), where the doctor talked to me about my recovery from a lower abdomen strain. While I’ve definitely seen improvements in the injury, there are definitely some lingering issues.

Those lingering issues have become noticeable this week: the first 5 miles of runs on Tuesday and Wednesday felt good, but the pain intensity increased later in both workouts. It was enough to prompt a change in today’s workout; instead of completing a 11-13 mile run, with more than half at marathon pace, I chose to run 2-minute intervals at 5K pace on the treadmill before shutting it down early. With just more than 2 weeks before the Chicago Marathon, the primary goal is to show up at the starting line without aggravating the injury.

One thought on “Lingering issues

  1. Hello, just thought I’d mention that I enjoy your blog. I recently started running … 5K every few days … and am running the 10K portion of the Twin Cities Marathon in October. It’s a challenging activity in so many ways, mentally, physically, aerobically … but I really enjoy the satisfaction of having “ran today”!

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