Art of therapy

For most of the week, Thursday couldn’t come soon enough. It didn’t have anything to do with the track workout – a tough 800-meter interval program – or the Minnesota Vikings opening the 2010 NFL season.

Instead, it had everything to do with a noon appointment at Innovis Health. It was round No. 2 for me with the physical therapist, and if this session turned out anything like the first, I’d find some much-needed relief. Round No. 1 provided some exercises and techniques to overcome some major postural problems.

This time around, I just wanted to learn more about improvements to help me sit, stand and run more comfortably. The lower abdomen injury I sustained has been good from the standpoint of learning how to overcome issues that have caused me quite a bit of discomfort.

The therapy session turned out to be everything I needed: 3 new exercises to incorporate into my daily routine. These aren’t simply stretches; instead, I’ll be doing very specific exercises aimed at strengthening muscles throughout my hips and core. And, as I joked with the therapist, there seemed to be 96 steps required. In short, they require focus and concentration, and gives me a whole new respect for the art of physical therapy.

After more than 9 miles on the track this morning, Friday offers up a rest day before Saturday’s Dick Beardsley Half Marathon in Detroit Lakes. While I won’t run Friday, that doesn’t mean I won’t be working on my running. After all, I have those new exercises and a chiropractor appointment to help set things right before the race.

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