Into the boiler room

Before stepping outside this morning, a quick check of the weather didn’t leave me with a lot of optimism: 74 degrees, 75 percent humidity.

Riley wasn’t very happy about being left behind, but those are tough conditions for humans – let alone a dog with thick red fur. My biggest dilemma was what to wear.

It felt like running in a boiler room. Breathing was tough, and with a limited range of motion due to my injury, it wasn’t a memorable run. But it was a run, and I can’t complain about any chance I get to keep some of my fitness and push through recovery from the lower abdomen strain.

We stopped a few times just to wipe the sweat out of our eyes. At one point I just decided to take off my sleeveless running shirt in hopes of some relief.

While the running conditions have been tough, they’re nothing like those facing the ultrarunners at this weekend’s Lean Horse 100 outside of Hot Springs, S.D. Fargo runner Rick Wagar posted some updates to his blog, Ultra Life, before and during the race. On Friday, his post showed a picture of the hotel sign with the temperature: 100 degrees.

It may not have hit the century mark the following day for the race, but it was at least in the mid-90s. It’s hard for me to even fathom running continuously for 24 hours or more, especially considering the sweltering heat. The race, which events ranging from 50K to 100 miles, hasn’t posted results online yet, but a huge congratulations to local runners Rick, Maggie and Cory for their accomplishments at Lean Horse.

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