What a great day to run!

While it was 72 degrees, with 72 percent humidity, when I stepped out the door at 5 this morning, something about today’s workout just clicked.

Meeting up with Tim, we headed down the streets – past the Fargodome and airport – to wind up at the 12th Avenue North bridge. And since it’s Tuesday, my training called for 1-minute surges, which I like to do on the wide sidewalk on the bridge over the railroad tracks. It’s like doing speed and hill work together.

For some reason, I felt really good today and had some interesting thoughts out on the run: more than anything, I was craving an old fashioned root beer. And pancakes. Strange, because the next thing I recall thinking was how cool the sky looked in the early morning as a red hue hovered above the horizon. But I was drenched in sweat by the time it was over.

Overall, it turned into a bit more than 9 miles, and a terrific workout. After coming home, I planned to sign up for the Fishhook Dual Challenge – a half marathon and 5k – in Park Rapids, Minn. Then I realized the race is on Sunday, rather than Saturday, and had second thoughts. I am a creature of habit, and really like putting in my miles early in the weekend. Plus, Sunday doesn’t fit into my schedule quite as nicely, so I don’t know if I’ll be racing. At least there’s a few more days to decide.

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