Time to race

Today was my first time back on the roads since Grandma’s Marathon. It was good to get out and move, but with temps in the mid 60s, it was a bit warm for Riley. Still he was panting and exhausted after our 4-mile run.

Surprisingly, I’m feeling no lingering effects from the marathon and recovered quite well by Monday. My legs feel great and the next few weeks will offer a chance to run for fun.

Following a big race inevitably prompts the question: What’s the next race?

While my fall marathon plans have been narrowed down to the Whistle Stop Marathon in Wisconsin or the Chicago Marathon, there are a few shorter races on my list for the summer. There are a lot of races in the region, some of which are listed below. But most likely I’ll be running liesurely between now and the Fourth of July, when I’m inclined to return to Park Rapids, Minn., for the Firecracker 10K race. Last year I set a satisfying personal record there and hope to dip below the time during this year’s race.

Here are some other options for those who are looking for a race in the next few weeks:

Saturday (June 26)

July 3

Battle Lake, Minn. – Otter Tail Lake 8K. Contact Wayne Walvatne by writing him at otlc@live.com.

July 4

Moorhead – Fourth of July 10K

Park Rapids, Minn. – Firecracker Foot Race, 5K and 10K

July 10

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