Building blocks

After walking into the office after lunch today, I couldn’t help but think: Wouldn’t it be great if we were to see 6 more months of weather like today?

It seems fall running has been terrific this year, allowing me to look past the cloudy and sometimes drizzly mess around town. All I know is that my daily runs have gone better than I could have hoped for – despite all the road construction problems.

After a long work week left me exhausted, I wasn’t much in the mood to run Sunday morning. My hope, although it looked bleak for a while, was that I’d feel more inclined after the Vikings game. It turned out to be a terrific run in which Riley was able to run quite a bit faster than usual.

Today, I mailed off my registration for the Full Moon 5K, which is 8 days away. I’m pretty excited for the race, and I’m hoping the weather just holds out until then. Of course, I won’t complain if the 40- and 50-degree temps stick with us until spring.

Regardless of the weather, I’m starting to devise my long run plan for the Phoenix marathon, with a 16-miler slated for the second weekend in November. From there, the plan is to log longer runs – 18 to 22 miles – every weekend through the end of the year. That’s an aggressive schedule, which will yield 7 runs of 18 miles or more, it’s been my experience that I do better and develop confidence from logging weekly long runs. Some people feel better doing them every 10 days or 2 weeks.

One of the best parts of this upcoming marathon – outside the actual winter break and time spent in someplace warm – is that it will give me a chance to relax during the coldest stretch of the year. With 2 weeks of tapering before the Jan. 17 race, and probably a good month of recovery time afterward, I won’t need to worry about long runs through most of January and February.

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