So, you’re a runner?

In an effort to learn more about you, I’ve put together a survey about running trends in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area. If all goes well, the survey results will be an occasional feature of the blog, and results will make their way in to my Monday running column, which appears Mondays in The Forum and on the newspaper’s Web site.

Over the coming days, I’m asking that blog readers complete some surveys about running, their habits, and likes and dislikes. The results will give you a snapshot of the running community. So, are you willing to take a survey?

4 thoughts on “So, you’re a runner?

  1. Can’t answer questions after each other on the last multiple choice questions about the FM marathon weekend with the same response.

  2. Last multiple choice question isn’t working for me, either.

    One thing I am taking some interest in is the mental aspect of running. I’m discovering (at least for myself) that doing anything 10k and above becomes 10% physical and 90% mental for me. Some tips or advice on how to beat the mental strain (and occasional boredom) would be great! :)

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