Half marathon for breakfast

For more than a week, I’ve been toying with the idea of doing long runs on Friday mornings before work. This morning it was time to put that idea to the test.

The upside of doing this was getting the long runs done during the coolest part of the day – even though we seem to be mired in any season other than summer (I wore a sweater to work today as a tribute to winter). It also allows me to get my endurance run out of the way before the weekend, a double benefit because I don’t chew up an entire Saturday morning and I can spend my weekend mornings exploring the Chippewa and Itasca forest trails.

The run started out strong this morning, but about 4 miles into the workout, I realize that I’ve lost some of my endurance base. And while I zipped across the river to Moorhead for a change of scenery, and planned to cross the pedestrian bridge connecting Gooseberry and Lindenwood parks, I found the banks of the Red River swelled above the bridge. The Red, barely above flood stage, made passage impossible, so I turned around and began my trek home on the Moorhead side. And, strange enough, 3 young adults were walking through Gooseberry, apparently having just finished bathing. My guess is they were camping in the woods.

I fell a little short of my 14-mile goal, but still logged just more than a half marathon before breakfast today. One of the things I keep thinking about is my watch, which continues to amaze me. The satellite signal comes in strong, and even linked up this morning while I was standing in my kitchen. And I’ve really come to like the instant feedback on mileage, which should come in extremely handy while running the hills and trails near Walker next week while I’m on vacation.

2 thoughts on “Half marathon for breakfast

  1. CL – Call the Cass County sheriff’s office. Seriously. Tell them what happened. I believe they will stop by and warn the home owners. Then you’ll feel safer about running that route again.

    I run many rural roads too. My neighbor’s dog runs with me once in a while (which is fine), but when we ran by another farm, their two dogs came out and had a big fight. I called the sheriff’s office, and they warned the family of the two dogs. They never came to the road again.

    And I echo what CL said… I find myself drawn to this blog when it’s updated. Just to read the thoughts/experiences of another runner. Thanks!

  2. I read your blog every time you update. Since I live out of city limits, I find myself running on frontage roads parallel to the interstate and side highways through Horace and Kindred. My problem is DOGS…I had a very scary moment last weekend when 2 large dogs ran, barking viciously, to me on the highway. One had his teeth on my shorts and the other one was just barring his teeth and growling. The owners finally came out and called them off and now I am afraid of running that route again. Should I carry pepper spray? Is this only a problem I have or have you ever experienced it? Some advice would be appreciated!
    Don’t get me wrong though, I LOVE dogs!

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