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"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier." – Colin Powell

The more and more I dabble in high-tech running, the more I’m starting to enjoy it. I picked up a foot pod to pair with my Garmin 405 once the weather turns nasty and I end up doing runs indoors.

But I’m still looking for an easy Web interface to track my stats, but the biggest problem I’ve found is devoting enough time to explore what I’ve found so far. Mostly, I’m looking for a Web site that allows me to do a couple things: Graph or chart that shows my weekly and monthly distance totals, and see my heart rate progression compared to mile splits.

One of the advantages of the new watch is not having to log every run after I complete it – the Garmin has a tremendous memory and I can download my workouts whenever I want to update my online training log.

With another key workout on the horizon – an speed interval session tonight – my goal in the short term is learning the best way to log laps and intervals with the watch. At some point, I’ll probably need to ask enough other runners about how they time intervals on their watches, or dig through the help section on the Garmin Web site. To me, keeping track of details like my heart rateduring intervals will be the biggest advantage of the watch, since I can use the data – along with interval splits – to make sure I’m working out as intense as I should be.

In the last couple runs, it seems like my heart rate has been pretty low, and as I learn more about how my body functions during exercise, I can tailor my workouts even more.

2 thoughts on “Still learning

  1. Was just reading about your trials with the Garmin. I bought the 305 when I started my rollerblade training last summer and I just love it. Have you tried the Garmin software that comes with the watch? Based on what you said you were trying to do I think that will solve your problem. That’s what I use and it gives me all the splits, heart rate, speed, etc. in a table and in a graph.

    And by the way, I’m still rollerblading but not nearly as much. After running in the Fargo Relay Marathon I started to get hooked on running. I’m going to run the half marathon coming up in October.

  2. I tried out my 305 this morning on a 9 miler which called for a 9:07 pace. I ran the first seven in around 8:20 pace and had to stop after 8 miles. I burnt out. But the watch is amazing. I can already tell i’m heading in a different direction of intensity because of it. It come with a heart rate monitor strap but I have not got to that point yet in my career. I’m still trying to get the whole pace thing down first which the watch will help me with. I love it. Can’t believe it took me this long to get one. Everyone should have one because it helps so much with serious training. I hope you figure out your 405. How is it in town with the tree cover? I live in north fargo on trollwood and am a little worried about that once I come home. Have a great run today.

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