Saint Urho wears a skort

So I finally made a decision last night that I’d get up early this morning and drive to Menahga to run in the Saint Urho Run 10K.

It turned out to be a great morning for a drive, especially the stretch between Frazee and Menahga, which apparently is the "Gateway to the Pines." Menahga is a nice little town, and the race gets 2 thumbs up from me. It was a mix of blacktop, gravel, two-track and wooded trails. With the perfect running weather, it was pretty cool ducking under trees and climbing up a couple of hills on the trails – it definitely is worth the drive.

The 10K had a small turnout, 38 runners overall, but the 5K had a large turnout. My finishing time was just under 46 minutes, but I’ll have to wait for the official results because I didn’t press the right button at the end of the run to stop the timer on my watch.

One of the funny things about today’s race was the finish line, which is near the large statute of Saint Urho, who happens to have a grasshopper on his pitchfork. The best part, though, was he was sporting a pair of white Nike skorts (guess whoever put them on Saint Urho couldn’t lift his leg to slip on a pair of shorts).

Turned out to be a perfect morning for a race, and I found myself analyzing my heart rate data during the race, especially to push harder the final 1.5 miles. More on that later, it’s time to turn my attention back to enjoying the lake.

2 thoughts on “Saint Urho wears a skort

  1. Thanks for talking about this race earlier. I went and finished 2nd to last in the 10K, but had a great time! I finished and didn’t have to walk, my two goals.

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