Cool morning breeze

"I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate." – George Burns

One of the benefits of working a later shift this week is having to do my runs in the morning, and not feeling rushed to get one done. In my hopes to get back to completing the majority of my runs before work, this will help tremendously.

Plus, it might be tough to find many things that feel better than a breeze cooling you during a good run. Normally, I’m cursing the wind during our cold months, but it feels great on our summer mornings when you’re clipping along at a pretty good pace.

Many of the runners I’ve talked to are planning to run the MSUM 10K on July Fourth, a pretty good race held every year. If it weren’t for the Fourth being on a Saturday, and a long weekend accompanying it, I’d lace up the shoes to get a good gauge of my current 10K fitness. Instead, I’ll head to the lakes, and try waking up early enough Saturday to drive to Park Rapids, where there’s Firecracker Footrace with 5K and 10K distances. Last year, more than 400 people participated, with the 5K attracting the overwhelming majority of runners.

Also, the Run for Your Life race is scheduled for Wednesday, July 15, in Fargo. Benefitting the Dick Beardsley Foundation, proceeds go to help those with chemically dependency issues. The store named after the Minnesota running great is the sponsor for the 5K race.

Finally, congratulations to Laura Hermanson, who placed fifth at the U.S. outdoor national championships Sunday. She broke her own school record, topping the mark she ran 2 weeks ago at the NCAA Outdoor Championships.

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